I went out kayaking today in the Bay of Martinhal


KayakHeaderSo I went out kayaking today, and it wasn’t a bad day for it… 30 degrees or more, so I can actually say that it has been one of the few times that I have enjoyed wading into the sea.

Anyway, the tour departed at 10 o’clock from the beach, an early start I thought, but then again, the morning is early for me. Once we got underway, it was very enjoyable. Apart from the irritating drip of water onto your shorts that runs down the (oar?) as a beginner kayaker, as we got nearer to the island, suddenly a wealth of wildlife was discovered, from the flocks of seagulls that I couldn’t capture on an iPhone, to the cormorants diving off the cliffs that I also couldn’t capture on camera, so I decided to take some nice pictures of the scenery that accompanies it.

What you notice as you continue onward, is that there are actually 5-6 large islands hidden from view of the beach that you discover on the tour, all of which look pretty amazing in their own way. If you go on the tour, and like me, you got tired on the way out, don’t worry, the waves do the work on the way back, allowing you to enjoy the scenery and quietness, you may even see a couple of fish jump out of the water, and plenty more around your boat on the way back.

Should have brought a fishing rod.


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