Hiking along the Costa Vicentina

Today I decided the hike tour would be a good one to explore, 8KM along the cliffs of the south coast, with some spectacular views, as illustrated below.

The tour lasts about 2h 30m and at times is slightly challenging, but anyone with a little determination can do it, plus, there was a taxi for the return journey, so we could walk further on the tour. My recommendation of the day is long trousers. I made the mistake of wearing shorts, and my legs currently feel like a cat has sharpened its claws on me. Also, bring water, as climbing the cliffs builds up a thirst.

Anyway, the tour is mostly over flat ground, and is a good way to see the wildlife such as lizards and warthogs, not to mention the scenery, which was equally stunning. Quite an amusing thing to do is to stand on one of the cliffs, and throw a large rock onto the rocks below. The sound of it shattering I found to be quite satisfying.

You will probably have worked up a appetite after the walk, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a sandy beach and a restaurant at the end of the walk, which was a great relief.

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